Anton Bernhard Forstenau

  • Born on the 20th of October 1792 in Münster
  • Learning flute since the age of 6 with his father.
  • A couple of successful tours with his father.
  • 1817 member of the city orchestra Frankfurt
  • 1820 move to Dresden, first flutist at the royal orchestra (conductor: Carl Maria von Weber)
  • Weber and forstenau becoming friends. Weber assists him doing his compositions (15 conzertos, duets, trios, etudes and Soli)
  • forstenau visited Weber on the evening before his death and foand the body the following morning.
  • Kuhlau was another friend of him. He used to test his new duets with him.
  • Tours through Europe with his son Moritz.
  • Used to play a 9-keyed flute most of his live.
  • Died on the 18th of November 1852 in Dresden


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