Benoit Tranquille Berbiguier

  • Born at the 21st of december 1782 in Caderousse, France
  • Learning flute, violine and Cello on his own at a very early age
  • 1805 escaping from home in order to study flute against the will of his family.
  • Studying at Paris conservatory ander Wunderlich
  • Composing a lot of duets for flute and cello, because one of his friends was playing cello.
  • He also wrote about 15 books of duets, seven concerts, six big solos and seven books of sonatas, variations, fantasies, trios and romances.
  • In about 1818 his flute studies were published.
  • Died on the 20th of january 1835 in Pont-Le-Voye, France


[ Flūtistes d'hier ]

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