Guilio Briccialdi

  • Born at the 2nd of march 1818 in Terni, Italy
  • First lessons from his father.
  • Impoverished after the death of his father. Hitchhiking to Rome
  • There being hosted by a singer of the sixtinich chapel, who was organising qualified education for him.
  • Early achievement of the diploma of the Academy of St. Cecilia in Rome
  • Since 1836 teaching the brother of the king in Naples.
  • Invented in 1845 (1849?) the B-key for the flute of Böhm, which he used to play since 1840.
  • 1841 very successful tour to Vienna.
  • Becoming professor for flute at the Academy of St. Cecilia in Rome and later on at the conservatory in Florence.
  • He composed 3 concertos, duets (wonderful!!!), fantasies, capriccios, romances, songs and etudes for the flute.
  • Died on the 17th of december 1881 at Florence


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