Jean-Baptiste Wendling

  • Born on the 17th of june 1723 in Rappoltsweiler, Alsace
  • From 1747 to 1750 flutist in Zweibrücken and flute teacher of duke Christian IV.
  • 1749 concert in Berlin for Frederic the Great
  • 1751 or 1752 member of the court orchestra at Mannheim
  • Mozart wrote arias for his wife and his daughter
  • While Mozart was in Mannheim 1777/78 they became good friends
  • Since 1778 at the court in Munich
  • Successor of Quantz at the Prussian court.
  • Did not like additional keys for the flute. So he tried to convince his students not to use the instruments with 4 to 8 keys, which were available at his time.
  • He wrote music for the flute in changing instrumentations.
  • His playing convinced Mozart to compose music for the flute. According to that the pieces were adapted to the range and soand of the traversflutes he used to play.
  • Schubart praised his sound and expressiveness.
  • Died in 1797 in Munich


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