Jean-Louis Tulou

  • Born on the 12th of september 1786 in Paris being son of a bassoonist.
  • His father played at the Opera in Paris and was one of the first teachers at the conservatory.
  • Since 1796 studying at the conservatory with Wunderlich
  • 1799 second award of the conservatory
  • 1801 first award of the conservatory
  • 1804 first flutist at the Opera in Paris
  • 1813 successor of Wunderlich at the Grand Oper
  • Played most of his lifetime on a 4-key flute.
  • 1817 visit in London, not being very successful, because his stile didn't follow the british taste.
  • Though being disappointed two additional visits (1824 and 1829) with the same result.
  • On the 1st of january 1826 comeback at the Paris Opera after two years of touring through most of Europe.
  • 1829-1856 professor at the Paris conservatory.
  • 1831 opening of flute production with Nonon
  • Some of his students were: Altes, Demersseman, and Gordon
  • 1860 Knight of the Legion of Honor
  • One of the flutes he used to play is to be foand at the museum of the conservatory in Paris.
  • He wrote for the flute: 5 concertos, 52 duets, 15 Soli with orchestra, many fantasies and the "Méthode de Flūte", published 1835 in Paris
  • He stayed a fanatic opponent of Böhms flute for all his life.
  • Died on the 24th of july 1865 in Nantes, France


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