Johann Joachim Quantz

  • Born on the 31st January 1697 in Oberscheden near Göttingen, Germany being son of a farrier .
  • First learning double bass later on additionally harp and violin.
  • Going to Vienna at the age of twenty to study counterpoint.
  • 1718: employment as oboist at the royal Polish orchestra (Warsaw), first flute lessons with Buffardin
  • 1724 touring through Europe, finally 1727 coming back to Dresden.
  • Since February 1728 flutist in the same orchestra.
  • Two times a year teaching Frederic the Great
  • 1739 beginnign to built flutes and doing enhancements on the instrument.
    One of his inventions is the cork screw in the head joint.
  • Since 1741 employment in Berlin as a chamber musician.
  • 1752: publication of his book "Versuch einer Anweisung die flute traversiere zu spielen"
  • 1742 publication of his auto biography
  • Wrote about 300 concertos, many suits, sonatas and chamber music
  • His students were: Frederic the Great, Lindner, Liebeskind, Kottowsky, Neeff, Franz Benda and Agricola
  • Died on the 12th of july 1773 in Potsdam

  • Le curriculum des ces flutistes celebres est en partie du a l'excellent travail de recherche de Claudia Haider, flutiste allemande et web master du site


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