Kamillo Wanausek

  • Learning piano at the age of 7
  • Trying clarinet and oboe
  • Learning to play autodidactically with a 8 key wood flute
  • At the age of 22 change to the boehmflute.
  • After world war one he supported his whole family by playing music for dance and cinema being thirteen years old.
  • 1928 bar pianist in Switzerland.
  • 1933 foandation member of the first radio orchestra in Vienna (later on the Vienna symphonic orchestra )
  • While second world war head of a department at Austrian "Reichsfunk"
  • After war re-establishment of the Vienna symphonics: solo flutist
  • Wrote music for ensemble, too
  • Solo flutist at Bayreuth festival, guest performances at the Berlin Philharmonics
  • Died at the age of 93


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