Louis Drouet

  • Born 1792 in Amsterdam, being son of a barber run away from France
  • Learning autodidactically on on a small flute (present from a customer of his father)
  • At the age of 7 first concert at the conservatory in Paris
  • Couple of concert tours
  • At the age of 16 first flutist and teacher of the king of holland (Ludwig, brother of Napoleon)
  • 1811 invitation to Paris, where he was showered with gifts and honours.
  • 1817 journey to england
  • 1818 inauguration of of a flute workshop in England, going bust after only one year.
  • Very succesful tour through Europe
  • 1829 return to England, accompanied by Felix Mendelssohn, being a friend of him
  • 1833 back in Paris
  • 1840 director of music for 15 years at the duke of Sachsen-Coburg-Gotha
  • 1854 journey to America
  • Gordon and Popp where two of his pupils
  • Was said to be a master of double tonguing, being called the Paganini of the flute.
  • Stayed all his live with an old 8-key flute
  • Wrote 10 concertos, more than 20 duets, trios, soli and fantasies, more than 300 etudes and a method: "Méthode Pour la Flūte" (1827)
  • Died at the 30st of september 1873 in Bern


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