Philippe Gaubert

  • Born on the 5th of july 1879 in Cahors, France
  • Father amateur clarinetist
  • First of all violin lessons
  • At the age of 7 move to Paris with his family.
  • There he started to learn flute instead of violin at his own request. First lessons with Jules Taffanel, father of Paul Taffanel
  • He convinced Paul to give Philippe private lessons, because of his talent.
  • From 1890 on pupil of Taffanel
  • 1893 joining of the conservatory as Taffanel gets the chair.
  • 1894 first prize of the conservatory
  • 1897 employment at the Paris opera
  • Still being supported by Taffanel
  • Besides working in orchestra and chamber music, Studies of composition with Charles Lenepveu and harmonics with Raoul Pugno and Xavier Leroux
  • Aroand turn of the century working with Taffanel on a flute method
  • 1903 composition award for a fuga
  • 1904 second conductor of the Societe des Concerts
  • 1905 second prize at the "Prix de Rome" (composition)
  • Drafted for world war one, fighting near Verdun.
  • 1919 Appointment to professor for flute at the Paris conservatory .
  • In the same year first conductor at the Societe des Concerts
  • 1920 chief conductor at the Paris opera
  • 1923 Finish of his flute career in favour of conducting.
  • 1931 artistic director of the Paris opera
  • At the same time resignation from the professorship.
  • Marcel Moyse was one of his students.
  • Roussel dedicated the 4. movement of "Joueurs de Flute" to him.
  • Besides the compositions for flute, Gaubert wrote pieces for orchestra and stage besides songs about lyrics of french poets.
  • Died on the 8th of july 1941 in Paris surprisingly because of an cerebral stroke.


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